Messiah tCome, Lord, Jesus
Come into my life. I trust you don’t mind if it is still messy.
I believe you love me, because I need your love.
I don’t fear you can’t find the way to my heart.
Come and fill me with peace and the love only you can give.
Creighton University

A Great Way to WATCH for the Lord this Advent

Advent Family Breakfast wreath tThis Advent season of watchfulness is a great time to begin the practice of the daily “examen,” or evening review of the day. Don’t let a day slip by without savoring all God has done!   A habit of this practice can make a huge difference in your life. Read this simple guide for   a few minutes of reflection before bed             CLICK TO PRINT
God bless you,   Fr. Phil

1. At the end your day, remind yourself that you are in God’s presence. Close your eyes, and see how Jesus is looking at you with great love.

2. Call to mind the people, places, events, and circumstances you encountered from the time you awoke until now.

3. Even if you did not notice it at the time, reflect on some of the ways God was present to you in those people, places, events, and circumstances.

4. God was inviting you to a response in all the ways he was present today. Call to mind some of the moments when you responded well: with generosity, patience, and kindness.

5. Jesus still looks at you with great love, so with confidence in that love call to mind any ways you did not respond well to God’s invitations today. Ask for the forgiveness Jesus is so ready to give.

6. Now think of some of the things you are most grateful for in all that happened today. For what do you most want to give thanks to God?

7. Resolve to begin again tomorrow offering the day to God and putting the day in his hands.

8. End with an Our Father, a Glory Be, or any other prayer.

Renewing Hope Grief Support Group Starting January 11

The Compassionate Care Ministry is gathering folks for the Renewing Hope Grief Support Group to begin in January 2015. This six session group is for those who are working through bereavement concerns following the death of a loved one. The group will offer spiritual, psychological and social supports to assist members on their journey through mourning. Come learn about the grief process, find ways to treasure memories while responding to each new day, and discover the many ways our Risen Lord is by your side. Your loss may have been a couple years ago, or a few months ago, you’d be most welcome to join us. This might be a good way to take care of yourself. 

Welcome Reception Jan 11

Welcome Christmas EveThe Welcome Ministry is having a Welcome Reception in the Lewis Room on Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 12:30 PM. All newly registered parishioners and all prospective members are encouraged to come to share fellowship and to learn about the wonderful services that St. Raphael provides. Refreshments will be served. If you have any questions about this reception, please contact Arlene Cocco at

Pope Francis House Dedication

It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful ceremony.  SRCS boys’ and girls’ basketball teams really came through with two trashcans (new) full of household items the family will use for some time.  Thank you everyone-it’s a joy working with all of you.  Read more on the Diocese site.

Caroling & Ice Skating Dec 20

Christmas CarolFamilies are invited to join the Youth Ministry Dec 20 for an afternoon of Christmas Carols and Ice Skating.  We will gather in the Youth Room at 4pm to ‘rehearse’ our carols before going to Cypress of Raleigh Retirement Community few minutes from us! Dress with your best Christmas ornaments (Hats, bells, red stuff, Santa Clause outfit!)

Then we will journey to downtown for the Winterfest, the outdoor Ice Skating rink in our city. Dress accordingly with the weather, it will be outside!  The cost for Ice Skating is $9 per person!  Register at

(if you can not make both events, you are still welcome to the other!)  COME JOIN US SHARE CHRISTMAS JOY TO THOSE AROUND US!!!

Join Us at Christmas Mass

Celebrate the birth of our Savior, Christ the Lord
Be with us!

Christmas Eve Vigil Masses
4pm in Church and 4:15pm in Ignatius Hall
6pm in Church
8pm in Spanish
Midnight in Church

Christmas Day Masses
9:30am and 11:30am in Church

Our Preschoolers Learn About Community Helpers

Fr Phil with Pandas tThe 4 year old Panda class took time in November to learn about community helpers. The highlight of this unit was a visit from our own parish community helper, Father Phil! He brought items from the altar: the chalice, paten, and purificator. The children were able to see these special items up close as he talked about his job as a priest. The class was excited to share the knowledge they have gained through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program this year. Father Phil was impressed to find that the children already knew the colors of the liturgical calendar and were able to identify some pieces of his vestments, like the chasuble, stole, and alb. We ended the visit with prayer and song. The Pandas feel lucky to have Father Phil as a helper in our Preschool community!  Do you have a child ready for preschool?

Youth, Paintball and Christmas

Paintball Youth tOver 50 youth and mostly Dads (and some Moms) came together Saturday afternoon for games of paintball and community building! We ran, we hid, shot paintballs, and got to know each other. Click for our pics.

Please join us at our  next service/community building which will be Christmas Caroling at a local Nursing Home and a Christmas lock-in in our Church. Date to be announced!

Want to Create Videos for our Website?

video forward tWe’re looking for some creative and technically savvy people to assist us in producing short videos to make our website more engaging. Here’s an opportunity to share your talent! We’d like a to have a few individuals who would be available to work on specific project(s). Please connect with Janet Schirripa, Lay Ministry Support Coordinator at or 865.5704 for more information.

TO NEWLY CONFIRMED YOUTH AND FAMILIES!!! Become a Confirmation Small Community Leader

We will be having our day long retreat this coming January. It is my goal to have a tradition that those who were Confirmed from the following year lead the games, the talks and the small groups.

PLEASE CONSIDER!!! We will walk with you, form you and prepare you… BE NOT AFRAID!!!

To those who I see at the Masses and at our Church, THANK YOU FOR LIVING YOUR CONFIRMATION BOLDY!!! You all inspire me and our Church community.
To those who haven’t been to Church since Confirmation… PLEASE COME!! THE “PARTY” IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU! ​