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Welcome to the St. Raphael Mothers in Faith site. Join us:

Meeting – 2nd Thursday of the month (9:30am-12 noon)

Free Adoration Childcare – 1st Thursday of every month, 9am-11am, in the nursery. (see below)

All meetings are in Room 112 of the Parish Meeting Center. Childcare is available at the day meetings for $5 per child and $10 max per family. No one will be turned away because of an inability to pay. Please visit our website often to see what’s new!

Contact Jeannine or Amy at with any questions or for more information.

February Meeting about Validating Truth Through Science.

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Mothers in Faith/Men of Faith/GPS Rosary/Parents and Tots Donuts and Fellowship 9/11/16




Thursday, March 9 at 9:30am in Room 112
Modern American Philosophies and Our Catholic Faith How does our Catholic faith approach Modern American Philosophies such as individualism, relativism, hedonism and more?  Join Mothers in Faith and Jeannine Washburn in a discussion on identifying how these philosophies have entered our lives and families, as well as ways to root them out in order to fill ourselves up with the Truth of our Catholic Faith and live the Abundant Life Jesus wants for us. Please contact for more information.

Join us at 8:30 am (after carpool drop off) for the Divine Mercy in room 112 or the adjacent nursery.

Childcare is available in the adjacent nursery for $5 per child or $10 max per family.  No one will be turned away because of an inability to pay.

Important Sign ups
5 minute spirituality:

Hostess/Set up Clean up:

The Divine Mercy prayer led by Patricia Perez will now take place at 8:30 am in the Nursery.  Please join us after SRCS drop off and before preschool drop off even if you can’t stay for the Mothers in Faith meeting.  Come learn about and participate in this beautiful and powerful devotion! Click here for more information.

Would you like to invite Our Blessed Mother to your home?  Her visit brings many graces and blessings upon your family!
The Legion of Mary will bring the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to your home for one week.  In the time she is with you, please pray the rosary daily as a family.
Unsure as to what the rosary is, how to pray it or why Catholics believe in this powerful devotion? No worries!  When Legion member, Kathi Ambrose, delivers the statue of the Blessed Mother, she will answer all your questions and share with you how to pray the Rosary. Sign up for this great opportunity to grow deeper in faith and strengthen the spiritual life of your family!
To arrange a visit, please contact Kathi Ambrose at

Monday, March 20, 11am (moved from its original day of March 19)Mothers in Faith has been hosting the Blessing of the St. Joseph’s table in the atrium for the last 3 years  and are happy to do it again!  This is a beautiful devotion to a saint which unites us all in praying for his intercession for holy Catholic fathers, husbands, men and families as well as for the worker.  This year, we were given permission to expand from not only the blessing of the table in the Atrium, but add a mini procession in the Lewis Room where we will hold a light reception, do a service project and have some activities for the preschoolers.

Here is the game plan (join us for one part or all!):
11am – mass
1130-The blessing of the table by Father Bruce
1145-process from Atrium to Lewis Room with the St. Joseph statue while the kids do the Tupa/Tupa (a sort of mini performance)
12 noon- light refreshments in the Lewis Room for all the parishioners who have joined us, as well as an invitation to the preschool families who pick up at 12 noon.  Sandy Veno will head up a service project of making neck pillows for dialysis patients.

We need help in all aspects
-please carefully read the two sign up genius below and prayerfully consider contributing in whatever way, big or small, with goods or with time, that you can.  It will be greatly appreciated.

Most importantly,  please mark your calendars to attend this beautiful Blessing of the Table with your children as well as the reception in the Lewis Room!  (Please let us know if you can make it and if you have children that would like to dress up – we need angels, a boy to be Joseph and a little baby boy to be Jesus.)

Please check the following sign up genius to see how you would like to participate in this beautiful and growing Feast Day of St. Joseph!

St. Joseph’s Day Lewis Room Refreshments  This sign up is for the refreshments and preschool activities in the Lewis Room beginning at 12 noon.  I know some of you get fancy with preschool snacks and activities so go for it!  Take the lead-the sky is the limit!  This sign up genius is “suggested” only.  Contact me directly if you have a creative idea that you would like to do.

Saint Joseph Table  This sign up genius is for the St. Joseph table in the Atrium.  There is a lot on here, so please contribute what you can.  All non perishable items (i.e. vase, candle holders) will be returned to you after we break down the table.  Also, please read the beginning section carefully as it has good information.



Are you interested in participating in Spiritual Outreach to the Families of SRCS, the Preschool and Weekend Faith Formation and Parish?  DO you have great ideas for service projects that brings MIF (and our children) out into the community?  If yes, please let Jeannine or Amy know at 

Come spend some time in Adoration, talking and listening to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  In Adoration, we encounter Jesus without the noise and distractions of life.  It is a wonderful time, especially for parents, to have a few moments of quiet prayer and reflection.  Mothers in Faith is sponsoring babysitting during Adoration from 9:00am-11:00am in room 106 (The Nursery). Parents take turns watching the children while other parents go to Adoration.  There is always a parent who is SAFE trained or two adults, per parish rule.  There is no fee as this is a volunteer service.  Drop your children off with us for any length of time while you pray in the Chapel.  The next Adoration is December 3rd.  Then stay with us for fellowship, food and coffee. Please contact Amy Gregor at